5 Tips To Include In A Roadshow For Your Sales Campaign

Roadshows are effective sales and marketing strategies that companies can capitalize on to achieve growth. Whether you are interested in developing new markets, expanding existing ones or boosting sales, road shows are one of the safest investments if your objective is to understand your market better. They will also help you to gauge the interest of your customers, establish contacts and collect inquiries. They are the best methods to use to build intimacy and trust with your existing clientele and target the next customer out there.

If you plan them well, they are flexible, fast and best cost-effective means of generating new clients and more business. You have to prepare them well to have maximized benefits.

This makes you wonder what you have to do when you are organising a road show for it to be effective. We will assist you by sharing some useful planning tips to ensure you have a successful one and your efforts pay off.

Set the Objectives and Expectations

Organize a roadshow if it is in line with the goals of your business. Companies that go for Roadshows to join the masses, without contemplating its outcome have unrealistic expectations and end up wasting a lot of resources. They are the best avenues for marketing but do not suit every requirement in business. You can consult a professional and experienced event management company to be sure of the ways that you can benefit from such an event.

Select the Locations and Avenues

The locations are the most important factors of a roadshow. Select peak venues and cities that you can access quickly and have a high population of your target audience. If most of your target audience has to travel several miles to get to your location, then that is not ideal for you. If you are not familiar with the area, then seek assistance from a local tour guide or a destination management company.

Make the Event More Significant than You

Not many people will be interested in stepping out in a happy hour and have to deal with PowerPoint presentations, you have to think bigger. Think of the things that would entertain your guests and make them excited. Educate and expose them to your world of new ideas. Link them with like-minded people. Do not let your product to be the center of the event; it is a turn-off and tacky. Understand where your product can fit in the market and design your roadshow to feature the most exciting theme, debate or idea that is most relevant in the industry.

Emotions influence decision making, so if you want to control your audience, design an event that is appealing to their feelings. If your event is focusing on straight sales, you are going to lose your audience in this event and probably any other that you will roll out. In addition, you should have apparel that promotes your company’s branding. You can use customised T-shirt or jersey printing Singapore company to get the best shirts and give them as gifts to the attendees. Otherwise, you may also consider using a cap printing Singapore company to give out caps with the brand logo instead.

Pick the Right Timing

If you have chosen a busy month or season of the year or held your event when other events are running, you are quite likely to encounter a roadblock. Conduct thorough research on your location and find the best time to organise your roadshow. Also, you do not want to hold an event in an open area with no shelter from the sun or rain. Always have a sheltered roadshow so guests won’t be disrupted by unpredictable weather.

Promotion and Networking

Roadshows are an opportunity to create a presence and raise awareness about the services and products you offer. Additionally, it’s a strategically ideal situation to promote your partners and sponsors as networking connections can be made with people or businesses that are interested in your brand.


Don’t stop promoting your event until it is over. Spread the word on your upcoming roadshow. Get the local press and bloggers to influence the outcome. Utilise social media and follow warm leads.

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