5 Pointers For Purchasing Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Whether you are operating a high-end restaurant with an elaborate menu or a casual cafe, proper equipment is necessary to ensure your business is able to sustain itself. To ensure your commercial kitchen operates as smoothly as possible, it’s essential to equip it with quality machines. However, top-grade catering equipment in Singapore doesn’t come cheap.

Investing in commercial equipment may be costly, which is why establishments have opted to purchase second-hand equipment. Before you purchase second-hand equipment, there are several factors to keep in mind when sourcing for them.

Equipment Compatibility 

The most important point to consider when filtering through the options is its compatibility. Unquestionably, the equipment you choose to purchase should be able to cater to your staff’s needs and services offered. In addition to that, it has to be efficient as well as produce excellent results. This is especially important if your business promises fast and quality service.

Brand of Equipment

While equipment from unrecognisable brands may be appealing because of its low price-tag, it may cause more complications. Equipment from unknown brands may not have been built with the same attention to detail or quality as known brands. Equipment from an unfamiliar brand may harm your business reputation and service quality as well as create additional financial burdens.

More often than not, the options for second-hand equipment tend to be limited to older models. Though this may not be an important factor for some, older models can slow the operations down. It may not have certain features or functions your business requires, causing you to spend extra time and/or resources to accomplish it. These models may also come with additional complications such as, not being environmentally friendly or energy-saving and even not meeting the current equipment standards or requirements from the law.

Lack of Warranty 

As these equipment tend to be several years or months old, you may not be able to enjoy the full extent of its warranty. In the event of a breakdown, you may possibly have to foot the bill especially. In certain cases, it may be more economical to purchase a new one from kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore instead of sending the existing one for maintenance. If possible, search for equipment that comes with a functioning warranty for you to work with.

History of Equipment 

When sourcing for second-hand equipment, opt for those that are still fairly new and have only been with a single owner. This enables you to learn about the equipment’s service record and its condition during the point of sale. If the equipment has been with more than a single owner, it may suggest that it’s not best for long-term use or contains certain defects.

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