Plastic Surgery In Singapore And Age Comes Hand In Hand

If you are thinking of visiting a plastic surgeon Singapore to have your body reconstructed, you will be excited to learn that there is no age limit for plastic surgery Singapore.

However, different ages may require different kinds of procedures as discussed below.

Older Adults (Ages 60 Plus)

Today, the society places a lot of emphasis on the way individuals look and how young they appear. In fact, looking younger can help you keep your job or even get a promotion.

It is no wonder that both men and women of over 60 years turn to plastic surgery to improve their look. If you are healthy, your age cannot stop you from undergoing plastic surgery. However, some procedures might be modified if you are 65 years and older.

Common procedures for over 60-year age group include hair transplanting, skin resurfacing, and facelift surgery.

Men (Ages 30-60)

About 20% of all the people who go for plastic surgery are men aged between 30 to 60 years. However, this number has been on the rise as men are becoming more conscious of their look.

Men usually undergo different surgical procedures such as facelift surgery, botox, and rhinoplasty. Other procedures for men in this age group are hair transplantation and dermal fillers.

Women (Age 30-60)

Around 80% of plastic surgery procedures in Singapore are done on women, perhaps suggesting that they are more worried about their appearances than men.

The most popular procedures done on women are facial surgery, liposuction, and breast enhancement.

For both men and women, ages 30-60 can be a good time to think about visiting your plastic surgeon Singapore. After all, you might have established your career, had kids, and saved some money for these procedures.

Young Adults (Ages 20-30)

The highest increase in plastic surgery has occurred in the 19 to 25 age bracket, with a good number of these procedures being done on ladies.

Young ladies often go for rhinoplasty, facial peels, and breast enhancement. If plastic surgery would become more affordable, doctors believe that the number of young adults seeking for plastic surgery would double.

Other common procedures undergone by young adults include ear surgery, male breast reduction, microdermabrasion, collagen injections, and nose reshaping.

Form a medical perspective, most plastic surgeons argue that age 20 should be the minimum age for conducting these procedures. That’s mainly because the human body stops to develop at the age of 21 or 22.

Kids and Young Teens

Kids and young teens is another growing group of people desiring to undergo plastic surgery, and this is mainly due to peer pressure from media role models and school. Young teens are highly sensitive about their appearance and so many think that by improving their look they will become more popular.

Common procedures for these people include non-surgical chemical peels and oxygen facials.


Plastic surgery that is carried out by a qualified plastic surgeon Singapore is safe. So, no matter your age, you can still get these services.

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