IELTS: Examination Format You Need to Understand

If you’re planning on registering for singapore’s ielts exam, it’s important that you prepare for it. It’s not something that you can pass so easily. You actually need to study and understand all of it. If not, you’ll fail and end up wasting your time.

The IELTS test is split into three parts: Academic, General Training and Life Skills. The first two are split further into two subtopics. This includes Listening, Speaking, as well as Reading and Writing. Both Speaking and Listening tests are the same for every candidate, but the Writing and Reading sections will differ. As for the Academic Reading and Writing question, expect them to focus more on abstract concepts in comparison to General Training. Finally, you have the Life Skills portion of the test. In this part, there will be no band scores. You’ll only be given a pass or fail score. It involves Listening and Speaking, and is designed to test how well you can converse in an English-speaking environment.

The Listening Section
The listening section begins with instructions and a sample question. You start with section 1, and then move on to sections 2, 3, and 4. You will be giving your answers after listening to every section. At the end of section 4, you will then have to transfer all of your answers to the answer sheet. The listening section is a 40-item test where you will be given 30 minutes to go through each section and an additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

The Speaking Section
The reading section is split into three portions of around 11-14 minutes each. This means it will take roughly 40 minutes to complete. For the most part, this section of the exam is to assess how fluently you speak English. It starts off with an introduction and a short interview, before moving on to a discussion about a given topic before finally ending with a more detailed discussion about the topics given from the second part of the test. It’s important that you avoid giving short, one word replies in the last part of the test. Instead, take your time to formulate in-depth and relevant answers to the questions that the examiner is asking.

The Reading Section
The reading section is a 40-item test that has a total time limit of 60 minutes. The test will involve multiple choice and true or false questions. You may also be required to complete sentences and summaries, as well as flow-charts and tables and generally match the necessary information. Short answers are almost always the way to go, but don’t be shocked if you’re asked to write words or sentences directly from the reading text to the given answer sheet as they are.

The Writing Section
The writing test is split into two tasks that you’ll be given a total of 60 minutes to complete. The first task is to write a minimum of 150 words about a given table, graph, chart, or diagram. The second task is to write an essay that’s at least 250 words.

IELTS Life Skills
The IELTS Life Skills is designed to test candidates’ speaking and listening skills at A1 and B1 Levels to ensure they meet particular Immigration requirements for visa categories. The tasks given during the test are specifically chosen to help mirror what’s it like to communicate with other people in an environment where everyone is speaking in English.

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