How to Know If You Need to Change Your Mattress

Popular opinion suggests that you should replace your mattress with a new one every five to ten years. That seems to contradict with the information we receive, especially about memory foam mattresses, from the sellers in Singapore.

Also, you may have experienced mattresses out there that are way beyond ten years old and still slept perfectly well. In other instances, you may have slept on mattresses that are yet to hit the five-year mark but look and feel so run down. They no longer provide the right support for a restful sleep.

If you are considering changing your mattress, rather than blindly buying into popular opinion, you could ask yourself the following questions.

Have You Analysed your Sleep?

Before you mark out a day on your calendar to buy a new mattress, take a look back and analyse your sleep? It’s crucial you do so. Look at your last few days of sleep and ask yourself, are you experiencing stiffness? Back pain or soreness more frequently? If your answer is yes on any of these signs, then you need to replace your mattress. Over the course of time, the construct of your mattress. Even memory foam mattresses in Singapore, gradually give way to the stresses and pressures exerted by your body weight as you sleep. As the mattress weakens, there’s a gradual decline in its firmness and its’ support leading to the aches and sores that you experience. Having said that, even if your mattress is not worn out but you are already feeling the aches, then it’s probably wise that you replace it also.

Is Your Mattress Significantly Worn and Torn

You could have bought a memory foam mattress for your king size bed in Singapore recently along with all the accessories and covers. Have you removed the sheets, mattress cover and protector or any other layer between you and the mattress? If yes, is it showing indications of wear and tear? If you’ve not yet, plan to be around when you are planning to launder the sheets or clean the cover and carefully examine the mattress. Look out for signs of wear and tear or any lumps or sagging especially right around the mid-section. Because it’s a king size bed mattress, you’ll have plenty of areas to examine, including where your partner sleeps. If you notice any signs of degradation, it doesn’t matter how recently you bought your mattress; you need to replace it.

Is Your Partner’s Sleep (or lack of) is Affecting You

For those couples who bought king size or queen size beds so that each person could enjoy ample space, examining how your partner sleeps may help you make a better decision when buying a new mattress. If you share your bed and your partner is sleeping poorly, it is likely that whenever they toss or turn it affects you. Find out from your partner if they are experiencing any body aches and pains. If they do, do your partner and yourself a favour and change your mattress.

Is your mattress durable enough?

All mattresses are susceptible to wear and tear, including memory foam mattresses. As they age, mattresses become hosts for allergens and other unwanted guests.

This happens to all mattresses even if you thoroughly wash your sheets on a regular basis. Normal ageing is also what informs manufacturers and most sleep experts when they recommend a replacement every five to eight years. But you don’t have to wait that long. Performing these checks will inform you when you have to change your mattress.

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