Great Career Tips for Freelancers to Optimise Flexibility

Getting off the 9 to 5 schedule is immensely alluring for most of us, but freelancing comes with its perils. Freelancing doesn’t quite turn out to be a great decision for many, even after they attend the numerous freelancing seminars held in training room rentals in Singapore. Flexibility, as we all know, is key to bagging projects as most of the clients look to hire freelancers who would be available at their beck and call. However, the same flexibility trait can prove to the biggest bane for freelancer because they will get stuck with projects if they fail to optimise their flexibility. 

To enjoy a successful freelancing career, it’s imperative to optimise your flexibility and complete projects within the set deadline. Getting the perfect work-life balance holds the key to a chaos-free freelancing career. Here are some top tips that freelancers can use to optimise their flexibility:

1)    Prioritising activities: Freelancing is a completely different ball game wherein even a missed mail can lead to a missing out on big projects and subsequent drop in income. Freelancing activities can easily put other important life tasks, including sleeping and family time, on the backburner. Thus, prioritising your activities is the first step towards preventing a clutter-free personal life. Create a system and stick while putting your priorities in perspective. Build a system that can automatically help you understand whether you’ve enough time to cope with new projects or not. Focusing too much on your work can lead to a complete imbalance, and you might miss out on important family and social events. 

2)    Create a system and build discipline: Keep a calendar, which would help you keep track of your appointments as well as your activities. A visual reminder is always good so that you’re constantly reminded of your project deadlines as well as important events in the family. Several mobile apps can help you manage your calendar in a better manner and at the same time optimise your flexibility for better performance. 

3)    Rescheduling can help: Even if you’ve paid in full for a meeting room rental in Singapore, you should be bold enough to reschedule it if there’s a family obligation to fulfil. Majority of the clients don’t mind an occasion rescheduling. You should have to courage to take the right step when it’s needed so don’t refrain from showing some courage.  

4)    Set personal project milestones: Trying to complete a project at a stretch might prove to be an inefficient move because you’ll be at risk of complete mental burnout. Thus, it’s advisable to break down a big project into smaller parts and set personal milestones for completion of each part. That way neither will you experience burnout and nor will you be disturbing the fine work/life balance.  

5)    Take a break: Taking a break as essential as completing a project and meeting your financial deadlines. If you don’t want to suffer from mental blockages or fatigue, then you must give yourself at least a day’s break in a week. A month-long summer break isn’t quite a bad idea because that would help you gather your wits and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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