5 Types of hoodie designs to look out for

Hoodies or sweatshirts are perfect for colder nights or long hours in a library. They look good, are super comfortable, and can be paired with most casual clothing. Hoodies can be in various styles – kangaroo pocketed, zipper, no-pocket and so on. The first step to a customised hoodie is to select the style. The next step is to choose the perfect colour and material. Considerations for the material should also involve details like thickness, warmth, softness, etc.

Types of Hoodie Design

Names – Getting your name printed on your clothes can seem narcissistic to many people. However, it has become quite the trend in today’s fashion world. Shops that offer cheap hoodie printing in Singapore have graphics that can be used by one to create complicated or intricate designs for their hoodie using your names. It is thus a simple matter of selecting a printing shop, and then either upload your graphic or using one you find online.

Cartoons – A cartoon-based design adds a certain ‘X’ factor for cartoon fans. For example, you can easily make a superhero hoodie using Marvel logos or caricatures. Once again, the design can either be uploaded by you to the printing shop’s server, or you can select images offered online and create a design for the printing shop to print out.

Minimalist designs – Minimalist styles are a recent design movement that uses the least or a minimum number of lines and objects to create a design. They are extremely simple in construct but just as ‘deep’ in its meaning. One often has to think hard to comprehend its design philosophy. Cheap hoodie printing with a minimalist design can be an excellent way to create new and unique winter wear for yourself.

Band symbols – You must have seen people wearing hoodies with album covers, band logos or iconic photos of band members. Cheap hoodie printing with such designs allows one to wear their favourite band proudly. Anyone walking past you will know what kind of music you like and which band you support. This is an excellent way of showing your love for your favourite songs and their singers!

Quotes – Another customisation design that you can consider, is printing quotes from famous authors, poets or even other celebrities. Printing quotes that have personal meaning to you will make your hoodie feel more special. Popular quotes from Pop Culture can also so be used in hoodie customisation, like from books, movies or TV series. For example, the symbol of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter will be an exciting design for a Potter fan.

Cheap hoodie printing in Singapore allows you to modify a simple garment and make it interesting. Using template designs is an easy way to customise your hoodies, but that often takes away the individuality of your design as someone else might have the same piece. Crafting your designs using the above ideas as inspiration will allow you to create something special you will treasure forever.

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