How To Take Care of A Cat For The First Time

Cats are tricky creatures. We never know when they want affection, but when they give it, our hearts melt time and time again! With their independent nature, first-time cat owners may have trouble figuring out how to care for these feisty felines, so we’ve gathered some tips to help you navigate your new pet-renthood!


Don’t be mistaken by a cat’s aloof nature! While cats are generally less outwardly affectionate than dogs, they still need our love and attention, and to be regularly stimulated. Some pet owners adopt cats thinking that they require less maintenance than dogs, however soon realize that their busy lifestyles are too hectic to provide their cat the life they deserve. If you are rarely home and not one to dedicate more than a half hour to your cat a day, then you may have to consider other pets that better suit your lifestyle.

Spay and neuter your cat

Cats can get pregnant from as early as four to six months of age, so ensure that you get this procedure done as soon as possible. Some cats love roaming outside and you never know when they might mate with other cats, leaving you with a huge problem of caring for the kittens or finding the litter a new home. Have a discussion with your vet clinic in singapore on the best time to go ahead with this procedure.

Feline food

Just like humans, pets need a stable and nutritious diet. Some brands may offer cheaper cat food, however it may not be healthy for your pet. Know the ingredients that go into your kitty’s chow and ensure that they are high in protein and low in carbohydrate ingredients, lest your cat becomes obese!


Most cats don’t need to be bathed because they are pretty efficient when it comes to cleaning themselves. However, they do need our help to brush their coats regularly. This removes loose fur; prevent matting and also evenly distributing their skin oils. The longer the cat hair, the more often they need brushing. In warm and humid climates where fleas are prevalent, regular combing is also an opportunity to detect and eliminate these pests.

Get a scratching post

Cats have the inherent need to paw and scratch at things, and a scratching post will not only protect your furniture and walls, but also helps dull their sharp and growing nails. With that being said, we advise you to bring your cat to a pet groomer in singapore to get their nails trimmed, should they grow to painful lengths.

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