Factors Affecting Efficiency Among Chefs

A productive kitchen and efficient staff are the key ingredients to creating a successful kitchen. From getting the appropriate equipment to training your team, these are some tips to improve the performance and productivity in your kitchen.

Appropriate tools and equipment 

Is your kitchen professionally equipped? Having the right cooking and catering equipment will make a huge difference in terms of quality and productivity. Without them, there is only so much your staff members can do and produce.

If necessary, you should also send the staff members for training on how to use and care for the equipment in order to make the most of it. While it might seem like huge investments early on in the business, it will be worth it in the long run for the business, image and reputation of your restaurant. Be sure to contact reputable restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore for the ideal equipment.

Skillset and training 

Possessing the right attitude and willingness are important and a bonus, however, skills are also necessary. It is crucial for your staff to be equipped with the necessary skills for the kitchen. Should they not have the knowledge to carry out their duties, the workflow will be disrupted and in turn, affect the team’s productivity.

Take the time and effort to schedule training sessions to continuously improve on the skillset of your staff. Remember, you can never totally remake a person, but you can bring out their best by investing and working on them.

Managerial competence 

Managers, bosses, and chefs can make or break the kitchen. These people run the show on a daily basis and have a closer working relationship with your staff. That said, they have an impact on the employees’ mindset and motivation towards the job. Ensure that those in this position are skilled and experienced in their job as well as in people management. This is especially important in the kitchen where everyone works closely together to create an efficient environment.

At the same time, don’t lose a skilled staff member if they are not experienced or able to manage people. Similar to the point above, you may also consider sending them for training or courses to learn and grow this skill.

Apart from these factors, sometimes, job benefits such as health care, bonuses and other factors can contribute to your staff’s work motivation and overall company productivity. Should you choose to review the factors affecting your kitchen’s productivity, do consider these factors and speaking to your staff as well. Being the ones on the ground, they might be able to identify the problem and solution as well.

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