How Video Camera Systems Keep Neighbourhoods Safe

We are living at a time where neighbourhood awareness has never been higher than before. Today’s residents are actively taking more steps to keep their community safe. This includes installing cctv home camera systems in singapore for added security.

Below are the many positive ways that CCTV camera systems are making a difference in communities worldwide:

Improved protection 
Having surveillance cameras installed in strategic points all throughout allows residents and visitors to rest easy knowing that their safety is being monitored at all times.

Protection against vandalism
 Vandalism is a common problem even in the most secure of communities. It’s nearly impossible to stop people bent on vandalism. However, having CCTV camera systems scattered all over the place can help dissuade wannabe perpetrators from going through with their plan. In case it’s not enough to deter them, recorded footage can make it easier to identify and apprehend the violators quickly.

Easier monitoring 
Unlike in years past, modern CCTV systems do not need to be monitored manually from behind the desk at all times. Modern technology now allows digital surveillance systems to be monitored by the right people from anywhere in the world. This means that security personnel can be checking one area in person while also keeping an eye on the other side of the compound. Not only that, but the entire community may also have access to the cameras, making monitoring the neighbourhood more of a community effort. Modern CCTV systems can also be programmed with alarms and events that residents can use in case of an emergency.

Added safety for community property 
 Much like with vandalism, loitering, theft, and property destruction are all common problems in many subdivisions and neighbourhoods. And, while CCTV systems cannot fully prevent them from happening, their presence can act as a deterrent. If perpetrators know that the area is guarded by a CCTV monitoring system, they are more likely to hesitate. This is especially useful in communities with amenities like pools, parks, gyms, and more.

Is Your Privacy at Risk?
Privacy is a major concern for homeowners who are against the installation of neighbourhood CCTV camera systems. However, in Singapore, there are many laws in place to make sure that the privacy of the general public is protected. For example, cameras are not allowed to point at common corridors, nor are cameras allowed to point directly towards private residences, especially their windows.

If it is absolutely necessary, or if it can’t be avoided, cameras with a feature called “privacy masking”, where particular areas being recorded by the camera are blocked off on purpose, can help protect the privacy of homeowners.

Conversely, while certain areas have to be avoided, there should also be a higher concentration of cameras in others. In particular, areas like parks, pools, and parking areas should be well-lit and well-covered.

It is also possible to use hidden cameras in areas where there is a high concentration of crime.

As you can see, there’s no reason not to use a singapore’s best cctv system to keep the community safe and secure.

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