Types of monogrammed corporate gifts to give

Receiving gifts is always a nice feeling. Gifting presents is even better since you know that you made someone smile through your kind move. Your gift could brighten a seemingly dull day for your client or even an employee. They will know that someone took the time to think about them and even went out shopping.

If the gift is monogrammed, the feeling is out of this world. The recipient will feel special that you didn’t just buy them a gift but even went further to personalise it. They will be glad to show it off to their associates. When it comes to customised gifts in singapore, you need to be careful of what you choose, otherwise, it could end up in the dustbin.

You can also use gifts as one of the ways to drive your marketing campaigns. After all, you are not a charity but an entrepreneur. Therefore, as you shop around for the gift, remember you also need to win the loyalty of your customer or staff and even get referrals from them. The following monogrammed gifts are the best bet. Try them out and enjoy an improved relationship with your recipients.

Hooded Towels

You just don’t gift anyone; whether a customer or employee, it’s not someone you met yesterday. You should know them and their families. If the recipient is a family person, get a gift for their child. Anyone who gifts a child touches the heart of the parent. If they have a newborn, surprise them with a personalised towel for the baby. Select the appropriate colour and have the baby’s initials embroidered on the towel. They will never forget you for such a kind gesture.

A Coffee Mug

Do you have an employee who loves coffee? Then this is the gift for him or her. You may not have much trouble shopping for one. Corporate gift suppliers in Singapore have coffee mugs in all colours and build and they will be glad to have it monogrammed to suit your specific needs. Once your staff receives the mug from you, he will be full of praise and gratitude. They will work harder to maintain a good relationship with you. Other employees will also take note and work harder to gain such recognition. In case you are gifting all your employees, buy corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore. You can negotiate for a discount and enjoy uniformity of quality and design.


The weather in Singapore can be described as infernal. Monogrammed sunglasses are well thought out, unique corporate gifts for special customers. Have their initials engraved on them. Your recipient will wear them during the hot weather.

There you have it. Go out there and choose that perfect monogrammed gift for your staff and client. The staff will reciprocate with better service to your customers and allegiance to the company. Your customers will be glad to come back for more services. The best part is that they will not come alone. They will tag the entire clan to taste a piece of your pie!

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