The savoury coconut milk pudding


If you have gluten sensitivity, this is the best dessert for you. This dessert is especially for those who love Chinese cooking and those who are healthy living fanatics. After a long day at work, treat yourself to this finely tasting the pudding. This pudding is springy and has a delicate texture to it.


This dessert will improve your health

Coconut milk pudding is rich in phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iron and sodium. These minerals will help you to have strong bones and teeth. They will also promote normal kidney function and helps to improve your heart health by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure.


The secret ingredient

The secret behind a good coconut milk pudding is the egg whites. This will make the pudding smooth, creamy and delicate. Egg whites are a good source of proteins it also has essential minerals and vitamins.


The 20 minutes Chinese dessert

You will need 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients and another 10 minutes to cook.

  • Whisk the egg whites with a fork and set them aside. Make sure you beat them properly in order not to have lumps in your pudding.
  • You will also need to cook the coconut milk in a deep pot and add in some sugar and milk. Make sure the sugar completely dissolves.
  • Finally, you should stir in the whisked egg into the mixture above and remove the pot from fire. Sprinkle some gelatin powder to the mixture and stir well until the powder completely dissolves. Sift your mixture with a fine sieve and then pour it evenly into jelly moulds.


Your coconut milk is ready!

Being able to make a delicious dessert without having to visit a dessert place Singapore is something to be proud of. Once your jelly moulds are ready, chill it for at least three hours and you can remove it at any time from the fridge and enjoy it.

Without a doubt, coconut milk pudding has many health benefits and this is because coconut milk is nutritious than cow milk. It has fats compared to dairy.

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